Itihas Programmes

Itihas operates in both the online and offline spaces to maximise reach and impact. The organisation has three distinct focus areas:


Through our research we hope to produce written output including research reports, newspaper articles for public transformative impact, blog posts and videos to engage online users, public exhibitions, and manuscripts for long-term historical studies.


We hope to educate through direct engagement with target audiences including students, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. Itihas holds in-person and online lectures and seminars, videos, podcasts, and will create history syllabi tailored specifically for school and university students. These school syllabi are to be piloted with selected private and public schools across Sri Lanka before being digitised and given open access online for free distribution and use.


By ‘training the trainers’, Itihas aims to create a multiplier effect to maximise the reach of its research and education programmes. Those being trained will include school and university history teachers, as well as facilitators who work with civil society organisations. The format of the training ranges from model syllabus drafting exercises, heritage tours, site visits and film discussions. Each training programme should enable a new cohort of educators to shape the critical-thinking skills and knowledge of audiences.